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Are we hiring?

We are always hiring.  We constantly look for great talent.  


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How do I apply?


In the Midwest:

The items below are information only and always subject to change.  

Should I call you / follow up?  

If we haven't covered your question after reviewing this information, then please call. However, we are far more efficient via a singular form of communication - Email.  You are best to send a follow up e-mail two weeks from the date you first sent your completed application and a photo copy of your drivers license. 


What exactly does a Tower Climber do?

Tower Climbers climb various types of structures (cell towers, water tanks, etc) 100-1,000+ ft or more to gather measurements, pictures and general site information to be developed into a finalized tower mapping report.  We do not take equipment off of the tower or install equipment on them.  


What is the job like?

We are hired by engineering firms to go out and measure a structure.  Climbers are taught to measure (using a standard tape measure and other equipment supplied by HighTower) and take pictures of the structure in sections.  One climber is on the ground and recording all of the measurements while the other is on the structure measuring it.  Usually, a structure takes 3 hours (on average) to complete.  There can be a LOT of driving time (between sites) but one thing is for certain - we move.  It is what makes us unique in our industry.  Our climbers are very efficient.  There is also work on a tablet computer and a laptop computer between sites to upload and document the pictures.   


Why a copy of the drivers license?

This is a step in our background research of all potential applicants.  Part of the position requirement is that you are able to rent a vehicle and be covered under corporate insurance.  This requires a 3+ years of positive driving history. 


How do I send you a copy of my drivers license?

If you have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.), take a picture and e-mail it to us.  If not, come out to our facility and we'll make a photocopy of it for you.  


Why do I need to fill out an application - I sent you my resume?

You will be expected to fill out an application upon arrival to our organization.  


What is the person looking for on resumes? 

  1. Dependability - what is your work history like?

  2. Experience in outdoor work and physical labor/activities.

  3. Good attitude - whining and complaining is for children.

  4. Experience in measuring.

  5. "Go Getter" attitude.

  6. Integrity - will you "milk" the clock?  Lie on your timecard?  

  7. Driving History - no need for tickets, we can't insure people with them.

  8. Morning Person - we get going before 7am, will you?

  9. Flexibility - do you need a plan or will you adjust on the fly?


How is it different than installation?

 - No equipment (other than harnesses and rescue gear) to deal with.

 - Lots of climbing (we don't hang for hours in the same spot).

 - Consistent work, company with a great reputation and growing (CONSERVATIVELY) in size.


What's it like to work with HighTower?

We lead the industry.  Therefore, we have very high expectations.  Precision, professionalism and a can-do attitude is a must.  We do not work with individuals who break laws, ignore safety or do not have high standards in mind.


What type of harnesses do you use?  Brand?

Elk River  - we buy it and provide all the equipment you will use to do your job.


What if I do not have a license, have had it suspended, lost it, etc?

I'm sorry, that's an essential function of the position.  It is not negotiable.  Clean driving history for 3+ years.


Do I have to pay for anything?

HighTower pays for all travel (flights, cars, hotels) expenses.  The only expense a Climber must pay for is their own food.  Climbers receive a $35 per day per diem if they are traveling after 1pm.


If I apply, what do I need to know?

We check everything.  References, work history, we check it all.   We want you to be successful and that means you need to be a great fit. 


What is the hourly wage?  Payment information?

With no experience, $21 per hour.  That averages roughly $65,000 per year.  We require that you sign up for direct deposit and we pay bi-weekly on Tuesdays.


Do Climbers have special calculations for hourly wage?

We pay a flat hourly rate regardless of climbing, driving or traveling.  Per diem is a daily rate of $35 (so long as you are traveling past 1pm). 

How many hours do the Tower Climbers average?

The average in the past three years has been 42-52 hours per climber per week.


What is considered "on the clock"?

One hour prior to leaving on Monday is when your time starts.  We pay for travel time (air, car, etc.) and climbing time.  It's all the same hourly rate.  


Do you pay (how do you pay) overtime?

Overtime is paid at the rate of 1.5 times the hourly wage.  

Why is it different working for your company (than any similar company)?

Our owners climb.  They have since 2000 and still do (several trips this year).  They understand the requirements as they both created and modified after hearing feedback from their employees (and experiencing it themselves) They work hard to be THE company for a Tower Climber and the clients that hire us.  


Safety...ya know, you see those videos....?

We expect 100% compliance to all safety standards at all times.  This isn't something we just say - we have an extensive training program and many hours of retraining for everyone.  Frankly, we don't care what others do - we will lead our industry.


How soon will I hear back? 

We usually respond to you within 5 business days.    


What's the process?

STEP 1:  Receive the resume/application and drivers license (must have both to continue!) 

STEP 2:  Review application and schedule phone introduction

STEP 3:  PHONE introduction 




Office Number?

Our office number is (402) 915-5337.  We are located in Nebraska.  

If I post on Facebook (this page or any others) or send you a message to call me because I'm interested, will you?

No.  We receive HUNDREDS  of applications.  We would hate to miss out on you because we were watching the main form of communication that we ask everyone to use.  The e-mail is below.  The links to the application are above.  Thank you!


Who calls me for a Phone Introduction?  How is that scheduled?

You will receive all communication from HighTower via e-mail or text.  That way, you will always have record of it - and can refer back to it if you need to.  The person usually calling is Katherine or Carmen.


What about the "In Person Interview"?

If you are in Nebraska, that happens by coming to our office.  During this time, you will meet with one of our experienced training team members to discuss the potential opportunity of working with HighTower Solutions. 

Directions to the Corporate Office:

15225 Highway 36 Suite 1

Bennington, NE  68007

(402) 915-5337


Take Highway 36 to 153rd Circle

IMMEDIATELY take a left, going up the gravel hill towards yellow metal building.

Proceed to the left (the biggest building) to the NORTH side. 

Enter the door on the NORTH SIDE.

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