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Premier tower mapping and inspection services delivering unparalleled quality. Our certified experts lead in gathering information for engineering precision, setting industry standards and maintaining up-to-date expertise on design. Specializing in supporting comprehensive analysis, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and demonstrating logistic excellence, we ensure client success with top-tier reports and strategic insights. Trust HighTower for reliable, efficient, and superior tower solutions.

We work in all 50 states and numerous countries.


HighTower Solutions prioritizes excellence in training, investing in comprehensive classroom and on-tower sessions within our 2,500 square foot facility and training towers. Our curriculum extends beyond standard offerings, incorporating critical topics like safety protocols, client standards, fall protection, and our certified Rescue Training program. Trainees undergo rigorous testing to confirm their understanding, followed by field evaluations to ensure consistent performance.

Our dedicated training crew supervises new employees in the field for three months, reinforcing HighTower's commitment to safety, precision, and pride in our work. With facilities equipped with a variety of towers and components like guyed towers, self-supporters, monopoles, booms, mounts, torque arms, and anchor heads, we provide an environment where learning is as comprehensive as it is practical.

Beyond technical skills, we maintain a culture of continuous improvement and professional development. HighTower's teams are drug-tested, certified, and embody professionalism. We take immense pride in our crew, not just for their work but as representatives of our brand and values. Their welfare is a priority, ensuring we not only meet but exceed industry standards.

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We are dedicated to providing the easiest to use, most accurate, and timely reports.  Our reports are often shared with others and have been used as the standard that other tower mapping companies follow.  Our services are:


  • Full tower mapping

  • Foundation mapping

  • Antenna / coax mapping

  • Line and antenna trace

  • Water tank mapping

  • Catwalk / hand rail mapping

  • Mount mapping

  • Stealth site mapping

  • Smokestack mapping

  • Rooftop mapping

  • Steeple mapping

  • Billboard mapping

  • Drone mapping


  • Tower grounding including guy wire and anchor grounding

  • Antenna and coax grounding

  • Compound and shelter grounding

  • Ground ring installations for towers, shelter and compounds

Civil Construction

  • Site clearing

  • Grading and leveling compound

  • Compound rock, landscaping and fence

Maintenance and Mods

  • Sweep testing

  • PIM testing

  • Fiber Testing

  • Guy wire replacements

  • Torque arm installations

  • Tower member mods including most types of member replacements, bolt-on members and bracing

  • Certain types of tower foundation modifications

  • Guy anchor installation

  • Tower plumb and tensions

  • Small cell maintenance

General Construction

  • Maintenance

  • Installations

  • Bulb replacement


  • TIA inspection (Rev. G or H),

  • Pre-installation inspection

  • Post installation inspection

  • Pre-modification inspection

  • Post-modification (PMI) inspection

  • Drone inspection

Tower Construction

  • Tower foundation installation

  • Tower assembly and erection

Installation and Repair

  • Antenna and coax installation

  • Antenna and coax troubleshooting, repair and replacement

  •  Outdoor radio unit troubleshooting, replacement and installation

  • Microwave and waveguide/coax installation

  • Microwave path alignment

  • Microwave troubleshooting, repair and replacement

  • Tower plumb and tensions

  • Tower lighting troubleshooting, repair and replacement including new lighting system installations

  • Tower lighting power and alarm wiring

Drafting Services

  • Small Cell Data Site

  • Tower and Rooftop Antenna Installations and Upgrades (Amendments and Colocation & MW Adds)

  • As-built Drawings

  • Fiber Optic Route Survey and Construction Plans

  • CDs for New Tower Install

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Jeff began his career by installing antennas on cellular towers. Jeff became educated in the industry requirements and pursued advanced certifications. Together, Jeff and Phil began the company HighTower Solutions with the concept to lead the telecommunications industry with solutions that were practical and real-time. As the President of the company, Jeff is responsible to oversee all business relationships, client requests and sales opportunities. Jeff works directly with the logistics requirements and the talent paired to achieve the results that our clients require. Jeff also develops strategies in which all operational plans are developed from.

Jeff is also an active member of NATE, certified in Authorized Climber/Rescuer, Aerial Lift Certification, OSHA 10 Hour, First Aid and CPR. He works with all newly hired climbers to ensure the quality and safety standards are achieved. In order to maintain our leadership edge, Jeff maintains continuous communications with our clients and other industry representatives.



Phil  has more than sixteen years of direct experience in tower mapping, inspection and installation. With a degree in Building Construction Technologies, he has exposure in drafting, material performance and installation standards. Phil is an active member of NATE and has been continuously certified in Authorized Climber/Rescuer, PDI Certification, Anritsu Line Sweep Certification, Andrew and Commscope Connector Certifications, Aerial Lift Certification, Hilti Certification, Ramset Certification, OSHA 10 Hour, First Aid, and CPR.

As an owner of HighTower Solutions, Phil is a certified educator to new talent and actively performs the role of Quality Assurance by reviewing all of the reports generated by the tower mapping/inspection team. In the many years of business, Phil has reviewed more than 10,000 sites. To maintain expertise, the entire staff is required to learn from industry expert installers to ensure that inspections made are based upon industry requirements. All reports that are generated by HighTower Solutions are shared with certified Engineers and clients.


Director of Operations

Katherine joined HighTower in 2012 with more than 25 years of experience in Operations and Human Resources. Katherine has a Master's Degree in Leadership and a Bachelor's in Human Resource Management with a double minor in Finance and Behavior Science.

As the Director of Operations,  Katherine is responsible for the oversight into education, operations, logistics, sales and financial departments.  It is through her experienced and hands on leaders that every employee is aware of and committed towards to the needs of the client.  

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